Still Distributing Board Minutes via Email?

Its funny sometimes, the simplest things are the one’s that end up causing the most problems, forcing us to take immediate action to resolve them.

In my many travels, lectures, training and seminars, I often ask this basic question of organizations and board of directors, “how do you share board minutes with each other?”.

Their response is so casual, “via email”. I would then go into the whole issue of “THE WHAT IF”.

*the minutes are sent to the wrong person,
*sent to the wrong email address,
*they don’t even receive the email

Hard to argue with them sometimes when you have no real live example. During my daily reading of the Financial Post on 10 April 2013 I came across another example of “THE WHAT IF” scenarios I have been talking about was all over the media.

The error was simple, but the consequences horrible.

“The release was “entirely accidental,” Ms. Smith said. “This was a list of professional contacts that one individual had,” she said.”

The information that was accidentally leaked was very sensitive and it was released before it was announced to the public.

So what is the solution?
For most organization this problem has been plaguing them for years, but there was no other effective way do distribute this confidential information. The answer for organizations of any size and type need is to start using secure portals to store, manage and share their confidential information.

As an example:
If they were using BoardSuite secure board portal, Ms. Smith would have uploaded the board minutes (securely) then only those board of directors who have access to the organization would then be able to view the board minutes (securely). NO MORE EMAIL DISTRIBUTION OF BOARD MINUTES, NO MORE ACCIDENTAL DISTRIBUTION.